5 crucial things you need to consider when reviewing your estate plan

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If you have an estate plan, you shouldn’t simply forget about it. Instead, regular reviews can help ensure it continues to reflect your wishes and circumstances.

Sometimes you may have a specific reason to review your estate plan.

Life milestones can often cause you to reflect on the steps you’ve previously taken. Experiences like getting married or divorced, or welcoming children or grandchildren into your family may mean you need to make changes to your estate plan.

However, it’s advisable that you schedule regular reviews, not just after major life events like these.

Over time, your wishes or circumstances can gradually change; a plan that met your needs five years ago, may not be suitable now.

So, if you’re ready to review your estate plan, these five questions can help you assess if it needs updating.

1. Have your assets or the value of your estate changed?

A good place to start is taking stock of what your estate consists of.

Your estate refers to all your assets. It could include cash savings, investment, property, and other items. Since you made an estate plan, you may have acquired new assets or disposed of others.

As well as taking stock of your assets, you should review the estate’s value – you may be surprised by how it’s changed.

According to the Land Registry, between May 2017 and May 2022, the value of the average property in the UK increased by more than £60,000. In contrast, you may have depleted other assets to fund your lifestyle.

This step is important for several reasons. Understanding your estate is necessary for effectively distributing it, and if your estate has changed, you may want to update your wishes.

The value of your estate will also affect your Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability.

2. Do you need to consider Inheritance Tax?

If the total value of your estate exceeds certain thresholds, your estate could be liable for IHT. With a standard rate of 40%, it can significantly reduce what you leave behind for loved ones.

For the 2022/23 tax year, you can pass on up to £325,000 without IHT being due. This is known as the “nil-rate band”.

If you leave some types of property, including your main home, to children or grandchildren, you can also take advantage of the residence nil-rate band. This is £175,000 for the 2022/23 tax year.

So, you can often leave up to £500,000 without needing to consider IHT.

If you’re married or in a civil partnership, you can pass on unused allowances. So, as a couple, you may be able to pass on up to £1 million without a IHT liability.

If the value of your estate exceeds these thresholds, there are often steps you can take to reduce an IHT bill, but you need to be proactive. If you think your estate could be liable for IHT, please contact us.

3. Does your will still reflect your wishes?

A will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out when you pass away. As a result, a regular review of your will is vital.

If you decide your will needs updating, you have two options.

The first is to write a new will. This should clearly state that it revokes all previous wills and you should destroy all copies of your old will.

The second is through a codicil, which makes an official alteration to an existing will. A codicil can be useful if you want to make minor changes to your will, such as changing the executor or adding a grandchild as a beneficiary.

4. Do you have a plan for your later years?

While estate planning often focuses on what you’ll leave behind for loved ones, ensuring your long-term security is just as important.

If you don’t already have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place, it’s a step you should consider.

An LPA gives someone you trust the ability to make decisions on your behalf if you can’t. An LPA can either cover health or financial decisions. While losing mental capacity isn’t something anyone wants to think about, naming an LPA can ensure a loved one can provide support if it does happen.

You should also consider potential care costs. If you needed care later in life, do you have a fund to pay for it? And how would care costs affect other parts of your estate plan?

Setting out a plan now means you can think about what your wishes would be, and set aside provisions accordingly.

5. Have allowances or reliefs changed since you made your estate plan?

The government may make changes to allowances and even introduce or remove reliefs.

Ensuring your estate plan reflects the current rules means you can pass on as much wealth as possible to your loved ones. If you overlook this step, you could miss out on opportunities.

It can be difficult to keep up to date with tax changes and understand which ones make sense for you. Working with an estate planner means you can have confidence in the steps you take and know that your plan will accurately reflect the current rules.

Please contact us to review your estate plan

If you’d like an expert to review your estate plan, please contact us. We’ll work with you to craft a plan that matches your needs, goals, and estate.

Please note: This blog is for general information only and does not constitute advice. The information is aimed at retail clients only.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate estate planning, tax planning, or will writing.

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Having dealt with various financial advisers in the past, both Gary and Kate give a far more personal service and explain things clearly. They take the time to understand what we want from financial planning and they have the knowledge to advise us in a variety of different aspects. Although we have only been clients from just before retirement, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone of any age and we have absolutely no regrets in switching to Lifeplan.

Colin, Nottingham

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On my first visit to Lifeplan several years ago, Gary took lots of time to get to know my background, my financial objectives and me. There was never any sales push or persuasion to get my business. We’ve always discussed issues; Lifeplan give me options and I decide what to do. I don’t feel any pressure to do anything that I’m not comfortable with. I feel as though we have a personal relationship, rather than just being another business transaction. That's why I’m happy with Lifeplan’s guidance with my life savings.

Anthony, Northumberland

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We have been with Lifeplan for a few years now. Kate has been brilliant in helping us understand our level of risk and planning for retirement. Before we spoke to Kate, it was always something we would just say we’d get around to at some point! It’s really important to have a plan and I feel more secure about our finances now.

Kate, Gateshead

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I initially approached Lifeplan as my parents had used them in the past. I received excellent financial planning advice, and as I am still quite young and newly-qualified, this was invaluable. I also approached Lifeplan to help me find a suitable mortgage and again they were fantastic. They took a lot of pressure off me by dealing with lenders as well as solicitors. First class!

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I would recommend Lifeplan to anyone, as they provide an excellent and honest service.

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Initially we were unsure about contacting Lifeplan, as we were wary that any advice given may not be impartial or even to our benefit. We needn't have worried as we now have every confidence in the planning, investments as well as the will and trust Lifeplan helped us with. It is a great relief knowing we can trust the people dealing with our finances. We are always kept fully up to date and have annual meetings where everything is explained in clear and concise ways.

June, Northumberland

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I have more in my pot now than when I retired 11 years ago, even though I joined at the beginning of the banking crisis.”

Derek, Consett

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I have had nothing but the best advice from Kate Boon over the last 12 years, in relation to mortgages, investments and financial planning for later life. She’s always down to earth in her approach, but very knowledgeable and a real professional.

Irene, Hexham

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In the five years that Lifeplan has looked after our investments, we have received an excellent, friendly, professional service, which has given us very satisfactory returns on our savings.

Pauline, Lanchester

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Our family has worked with Gary and Kate for many years and have built up a good trusting working relationship with this professional, efficient and caring company. We feel that they always consider our specific financial needs and provide advice accordingly. We definitely feel we are in safe hands with Lifeplan.

Julie, Consett

A client since 2010

As retirement approached, I was uncertain how to proceed. Advice from Lifeplan set us on the right track and we are now enjoying a very comfortable lifestyle. Good advice was provided regarding our wills and Powers of Attorney. We appreciate the guidance given and feel happy and secure in our retirement.

Albion, Tyne and Wear

A client since 2015

Lifeplan is an approachable and plain-speaking business. They are always there to help and assist, as well as provide annual reviews of my current finances and what can be changed to benefit me in readiness for retirement.

Ian, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A client since 2011

Kate is my financial consultant and has put a lot of work into my investments recently, making it very clear how it has been invested and where. This appears to be honest, up-to-date advice from someone who clearly knows the markets. I receive a pleasant, friendly service, in a nice modern office also.

Andrew, Hexham

A client since 2015

Lifeplan provides a friendly, professional service at reasonable cost. They are very responsive to any request I make and keep my portfolio of investments in line with my ongoing requirements. In 12 years of using Lifeplan, I have never had cause for concern.

Rob, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A client since 2006

Gary and Kate have been excellent in understanding our needs and requirements and have given first class advice. They have helped with our financial planning and setting up a trust to ensure our wishes for the future will be met. Nothing is too much bother for them and they provide an excellent service. My wife and I would happily recommend them.

John, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A client since 2014

When I retired, I wanted my capital to work for me. I was looking for a reasonable but realistic return on investment, but without a high risk. Lifeplan have provided me with just that. I have an annual review, where we have a frank discussion about current arrangements and any changes that Lifeplan may recommend. There is no jargon and things are explained in an understandable way. Plus, they are thoroughly nice people.

Harry, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A client since 2015

I found Gary and Kate very easy to speak to. They listen to your concerns and wishes, then give you the best options on how to invest moving forward. Their choices are always explained to you in understandable terms.

Edward, Hexham

A client since 2014

We have always been given helpful advice in a most professional manner. Every detail was explained fully in a way that was easily understood. We would have no problem in recommending Lifeplan to anyone wishing to invest.

Lisa, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A client since 2011

I'd tried several advisers prior to being introduced to Gary and was not happy with their service. Gary was instrumental in organising our pension information, so that we could understand what we were paying in to and why. Sounds easy, but we have had three previous advisers from some of the largest banks that could not do this. Since meeting Gary, we have successfully transferred our pension fund and original property in to a new scheme. In addition to this, Gary has successfully helped our company purchase a new property through our pension.

Bruce, Tyne and Wear

A client since 2013

Gary sorted out my pension by tailoring it to my own specific requirements. Until then, it was with large organisations and I really felt out of control with it. He explained technical financial terms well and I felt that he was not happy until he knew I fully understood all aspects of the business. There was no pressure from him and I always felt very confident that he was doing the best he could do on my behalf. He is fully qualified, takes pride in his job and in my opinion is impeccably trustworthy. His team is also very efficient, keeping me advised on all aspects of our business.

Henry, County Durham

A client since 2009

I was looking for financial planning and not just financial advice. Gary explained options in an easily understandable way and offered an alternative way of looking at the impact on different financial models. Initial advice was exactly what I wanted, and I am satisfied that the options I have now chosen are based on sound advice. I have decided to become a long-term client. What myself and my wife wanted was someone whom we felt we could trust with giving impartial advice on our future financial situation, and this we feel we have achieved with Gary

Colin, Nottingham

A client since 2016

I was recently widowed and wanted to simplify my financial affairs for my children should anything happen to me. Gary was very understanding of my needs and dealt with me patiently and in a simple way. I believe the products he recommended will benefit me.

H Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A client since 2016

I contacted Kate to review my pension arrangements, with a view to changing my then pension provider. She helped and advised me on what I currently had, and helped find something better for my current and future needs. Obviously, it’s too early to say, but Kate clearly explained and showed me on the software what my pension could be like when it comes to retirement under various scenarios.

Richard, County Durham

A client since 2008

Redundancy required a re-think of my finances and future planning. Gary set up an investment portfolio following a detailed discussion, including provision of advice that met our needs. I am very pleased with the overall return over the last six years, balanced against the level of risk we were prepared to take.

Brian, County Durham

A client since 2012

Gary has developed a structured plan to ensure our funds will last in retirement. We are now deciding when to retire or reduce to part-time employment.

K Walker, County Durham

A client since 2010

We made an appointment to discuss the remortgage of properties. Kate understood our requirements and personally sorted the process in a very professional way from the start to a successful conclusion. She dealt with all matters, no matter how small.

Jim, County Durham

A client since 2016

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